Xubaka 50cm3

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The 100% electric and customizable French motorcycle

With its vintage motorcycles look, great reliability surprising lightness and its manoeuvrability… this top-of-the-range electric motorcycle has been designed to offer great driving comfort to all sizes of men and women. Made In France, hand-assembled and with remarkable quality finishes, the Xubaka 50cc is customizable and scalable to adapt to your lifestyle.

    50km // 31 miles
    45km // 28 miles

Free delivery in Metropolitan France (Corsica and outside mainland France: contact us)

Vu et être vu
See and be seen
Safety and quality at the heart of the desig

The LED signaling elements of our urban electric motorcycle stand out, day and night, for their quality, efficiency and design.
Essential safety elements, Xubaka tires are manufactured in Germany (in Cologne) by Heidenau Tires. This Franco-German brand is the very last to manufacture its tires in Europe.
These soft rubber tires offer maximum grip and safety. Their versatility is exceptional, their longevity is remarkable and their aesthetics extend the spirit of adventure of our urban electric motorcycle

Freedom and efficiency
Performs immediately, recharges quickly

ightweight and removable, the battery of our fast-charging electric motorcycle is easily transportable thanks to its handle. It recharges on a simple mains socket, like your telephone. : Only 3h of charge is enough to reach 40 to 45km (26 to 28 miles) of autonomy in real use.
Durable and environmentally friendly, the thermoformed battery tray is made in the Basque Country from recycled PET.
This Ion-Llithium-ion battery is recyclable.
Powered by a rear rotor hub, the Xubaka recovers up to 14% of energy thanks to passive regeneration while braking.
Equipped with a 4000 W motor, our innovative electric motorcycle (with Brushless technology embedded) provides an exceptional performance curve and optimal power.
The toe clips are made in Germany from billet aluminum with a knurled rubber grip.

Liberté et efficacité
Liberté et efficacité
Freedom and efficiency
Performs immediately, recharges quickly
Aventure et élégance
Adventure and Elegance
The hand-built electric motorcycle

The Xubaka 50cc saddle has been entrusted to a partner from Vendée, France, a leader in nautical upholstery. The chosen fabric benefits from the best techniques used for boats. Hydrophobic and sun- resistant thanks to an anti-UV treatment, the Xubaka saddle offers a durable appearance and exceptional comfort for the driver and passenger.
The chassis is made from Chromoly made, a high-end steel, lighter than traditional steel. Durable and corrosion resistant, the chassis has been reinforced with an anti-salt and anti-rust treatment.
The bodywork quality paint guarantees perfect color retention over time

Technical features
Power 4 000 W
Speed 45 km/h – 28 Mph
Torque 165 Nm
Removable 48V 28 AH
Charging time
Autonomy 50 km – 31 miles
Weight 57 kg – 126 Lbs
Structure Chromoly
Dimensions 1880 X 790 X 930 MM
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