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Bring style to your daily commute

Xubaka embodies the spirit of adventure in everyday journeys with high-end electric 2-wheelers that make you travel with their minimalist vintage design.
We have redesigned everything to offer a completely different experience: aesthetics, place of production, lightness, handling, on demand customization…
Created, designed and assembled by hand in France, our models are made to last. Quality of materials, low-tech solutions, repairability, scalability… our high standards support the new soft mobility needs so that everyone can live their adventures according to their way of life.

Made in France

Local production in the Pyrenees

Xubaka models are entirely assembled by hand.
We favor local partners and proximity in order to guarantee quality control and reduce environmental impact.
All equipment is made by exceptional craftsmen for high- quality finishes.
90% of our manufacturing parts are originally from France and are recyclable, including the lLithium-Ion battery (recycling channel in France).

Sustainable originality

Electric, scalable and on demand customizable

XUBAKA likes features (or offers) originality and wants to allows its customers to drive a unique vehicle, adapted to their personality, their desires and their needs.
Our artisanal production method offers great flexibility, enabling us and makes it possible to create a completely customized vehicle on demand, perfectly in line with the tastes and lifestyle of each customer. Xubaka vehicles are scalable and can easily adapt to desires or life changes thanks to a large choice of colors and perfectly adapted accessories…

Efficient and clean, essential for eco-responsible travel, our electric two-wheelers explore all urban spaces with modernity.

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Make the difference

The essentials of our 2 electric wheels

Vintage and modern, adventurous and elegant, electric and low tech, colorful and minimalist, innovative and made in France . . . … Xubaka models simply markprove their differences at all levels.
Their innovative design calls out to better engage on the paths of soft mobilityleads to better engagement on soft terrain.

Trust and reliability

Quality design and materials

Low tech to reduce the risk of breakdowns, manufactured with quality materials to increase their robustness… Xubaka models are designed to optimize their reliability and durability.
Our partner craftsmen are selected for their know-how, their reliability and their ability to provide top-of-the-range elements.
The artisanal manufacture and assembly by hand, guarantees a demanding, and high- quality control.

A close relationship

Closer to our customers

Our customer service advises you at every step, from personalizing your XUBAKA to delivery. We will remain available to answer all your questions in order to optimize the use of your electric 2-wheeler.

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