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    XUBAKA is manufactured in our workshop at the foot of the Pyrenees. The assembly is handmade, the accessories are handmade; the manufacture is our signature, ready-to-ride custom-made combining quality and simplicity for a handy, practical and distinguished two-wheeler.



    Design, materials, suppliers, number of parts, assembly, electrical and electronic components, finishes, accessorization... everything has been designed to produce an accessible eco-responsible vehicle that combines aesthetics, quality, efficiency and performance in the spirit of factories and workshops where the art of doing is inseparable from the art of living.

    Delivery times

    We will be able to tell you when your XUBAKA will be available when you place the order, depending on the options you choose.

    The customer service

    Our teams will accompany you from the customization and adaptation of your XUBAKA to the delivery of the vehicle which is guaranteed for two years. The customer service will remain available to answer all your questions in order to optimize the use of your electric motorcycle.