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    Freedom, style & respect!

    An electric motorcycle made in France, innovative and efficient, which respects the environment; a unique and customizable design, multiple uses, in the city, on the seaside, in the countryside... according to your choices, according to your needs, according to your desires.




    XUBAKA is the first French electric motorcycle that invents its own codes: a vehicle of the 3rd type, out of the ordinary, far from the beaten track. Never before had anyone dared to combine a vintage BMX style with the modernity of the latest technologies.

    Propulsion by a rear rotor hub

    No chain, the center of the frame is free for the battery and passive regeneration during braking allows it to recover up to 14% of energy, more autonomy.


    60 Kg with battery: much lighter than a scooter, XUBAKA's maneuverability offers a smooth and easy ride for a smooth and comfortable mobility.



    Battery charge

    A removable battery that allows you to quickly recharge in 4 hours with a simple plug at the office or at home.


    Between 60 and 80 km depending on the route and the terrain, an autonomy that is perfectly suited to daily travel for work and leisure, during the week and at weekends.


    As for a 50 cm³, the power delivered (4KW) allows it to reach 45 km/h according to the standards in force in the European Union.



    Two-wheel electric

    No greenhouse gas emissions, low power consumption, silent, XUBAKA meets all the requirements of eco-responsible vehicles.


    90% of the parts used in the manufacture of XUBAKA are of French origin and are recyclable, including the Ion-Lithium battery (recycling channel in France): an eco-design and virtuous production that preserves resources and the environment.

    Local production

    Short circuits, proximity, regional anchoring, the entire chain guarantees quality control, responsiveness, reduced environmental impact and the creation of skilled jobs.




    Vintage and pure, XUBAKA's unique design evokes the mythical motorcycles of the 70s as much as the futuristic lines of the Bauhaus for furniture and architecture.


    Paint, luggage, saddles, surfboard carrier... the options and variations allow you to create a XUBAKA motorcycle that suits you and meets all your needs.


    The motorcycle is entirely hand assembled and all the equipment is made by craftsmen for an assembly and finishes of remarkable quality.